Friday, November 13, 2009

Dollar store and CVS Haul

I know right, dollar store? I never thought to actually buy something cosmetic from there, but I've seen tons of blogs with gals that bought items from I decided to give it a go yesterday!
After getting home and researching the colors for the CG products I bought, I discovered that they're either non-existent anywhere or discontinued, lol. I cracked up when I couldn't even find a color online, lol.
Here are the items:
CG eyeslicks duo in Neon Pink and Luminous Lavender: They glide on pretty easily, I'm not so sure of the wear (or how I'll actually use it).

Funny how the back says "how-to-tips inside", there's nothing inside, LOL.

no flash

With flash

These eyeshadow kit is for my oldest bro's girlfriend, I'll mail it to her with the package I'm sending my two nieces for their bday (they're days apart)

Lipgloss is for one of my niece's

These CG eyeshadows are for me, bought 2 packages of each eye enhancer duo, may gives a couple as gifts. Each package comes with 2 eyeshadow kits, one comes with a color name/color and one comes with just a color name. The one's that come with names and numbers actually are discontinued, the ones that are just given a name, I can't even google it =/ (Click on the photos for more details)
Tealish e/s is Bluebell Bloom
Beigy Pink e/s is Rosy Outlook #505 (discontinued)
Shimmery black e/s is Shimmering Onyx #650, #650 discontinued but the color is now being resold under #440 (going off of memory)
Pale Yellow e/s is Spring Mist

I used them today and I didn't use a primer, so it definitely creased after 14 hours.

Again, it says "how-to-tips inside" but there's nothing, haha.

The lipglosses on the left are for one of my nieces
The Maybelline Shine Seduction lipgloss is actually pretty nice! I'm modeling the lipgloss below!

The Maybelline lipgloss comes out with a clicker on the bottom.

Here's a Revlon Matte Blush that I bought @ CVS. Absolutely loooove it!!

Here you'll see me playing around with the blush on a sunny Saturday afternoon :)

Revlon Matte Lipstick in 001 Nude Attitude (top) and 002 in Pink Pout (bottom)

001 Nude Attitude on left, 002 Pink Pout on right

The cases are actually kinda cute, sort of reminds me of the MAC lipstick cases.

Good night or should I say, Good morning my lovelies!!!!

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